Usage and Maintenace Guide

Kilt First Usage

Once you tried your kilt and are happy to keep it Please Note:, There are three black lines of packing stiching to protect the pleats of your kilt. One along the bottom of the pleats and another half way up. The third is on the inside along the curve of the black lining. We advise you use scissors to cut the black tread first then slowly unpick each pleat. Take Care! it can be easily cause damage to your kilt if you pull on the stiching. Retuning a damaged kilt is subject to chargeble fees.

Kilt Cleaning Care

Our kilts are made of 4 main different materials being them, Best Value Acrylic Wool, 100% Wool, Polyviscose, Nylon and Cotton, in order to keep its appearance after usage we recommend the following cleaning procedure:
Best Value Acrylic Wool: Moderate level of washing by wash machine only, wash in cold water only, Iron in steam only or or hot press.

100% Wool: Dry Cleaning Only (Recommended).

Polyviscose: Moderate level of washing by wash machine only, wash in cold water only, Iron in steam only or or hot press.

Nylon and Cotton: Moderate level of washing by wash machine, wash in cold water only, use iron for cotton ironing.

Ghillie Brogues Kilt Shoes

Our Guillie Brogues shoes come polishes and clean to be worn at first usage, to dress it correcly and comfortably at fist we recommend to use a pair of thick Kilt Hose that you can also purchase from our store, after worn the correct socks then you can wear the shoes, pair the laces at the same level of length bringing it to the back of your calf crosing the laces, do this proces for 2 times going upwards, once you reached a good length you then may tie the laces at the front or at the side of the calf, and you may finish the footwear touch with a pair of flashes.

Remeber! These shoes have breathing holes to allow fresh air to circulate and ventilate your feet, in the event of getting internally wet we strongly suggest not to use the shoes for long with internal wet conditions, this will compromise its durability and cause damage to leather.

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